Skiing in Switzerland East - Skiing areas in Switzerland East

Pure idyll: In Switzerland east – more precisely in Maienfeld – around 1880 Johanna Spyri wrote the children’s book "Heidi", which is world-famous now. Thereabouts, the powder snow swirls, the rivulets rush and the sky is blue.

At least, the whole region promotes its "Heidi’s Land" in this way. And justifiably so, because the ski tourism has widely spared the nature with its undulating hillsides, pretty villages, dreamy hamlets, castles, gorges and ice fields. In Switzerland east, some regions appear really like that. Switzerland east can be discovered in many ways: with the "Rössliposcht" by a horse-drawn sleigh, on wintry hiking trails, on toboggan runs and certainly on ski runs.

Switzerland east is also interesting as regards its culture: For example in St. Gallen there is a worth seeing monastery and Appenzell has a rich folk culture with a unique old custom for the New Year’s Eve.

The most famous and rewarding skiing and cross-country skiing areas in Switzerland east are Braunwald, Elm, Flumserberg, Toggenburg and Pizol. Also snowboarders don’t miss out: nearly everywhere they find half pipes and snow parks.
Ski holidays in Switzerland east are ideal for those, who are in search of nature, tranquillity and beautiful impressions – "Heidi’s Land".