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It isn’t always that easy to find the right ski resort. In Europe, there are umpteen great skiing areas, which definitely are among the best in the world. The study “Best Ski Resort” helps you to find the ski resort, which perfectly matches with your interests.


We’re not far off getting our skis out of the cellar. This is already reason enough to ponder on the next skiing holiday, isn’t it? The results of the last Skiareatest may be a useful help.

Would you like to discover the slopes of Zillertal, to admire the panorama of the Dolomites or do you rather prefer a nostalgia winter tour to Zermatt? The range of skiing areas in the Alps is so large that it’s quite difficult to choose one. Report of experiences and ratings may be a big help – for instance the current raking of Europe’s best skiing areas.

Do you think skiing is funny only in brilliant sunshine and early in the morning? However, you can enjoy skiing and boarding also at a late hour, as soon as moon, stars and floodlight light up the night sky and the again perfectly groomed slopes. The very best tip for night skiing: Reith in Alpbachtal.

Content skiers and ski school clients derive pleasure from skiing and they can enjoy their snow adventure to the full. Besides the quality of the skiing area or the accommodation also a well organized, motivating and secure skiing course contributes to a successful skiing holiday.

Every autumn the renowned „ADAC SkiGuide“ presents the skiing areas in the Alps in a thick reference book, in order to give skiers useful hints for the planning of their winter holidays. In doing so it also chooses the best ones in the categories “alpine skiing”, “cross-country skiing”, “family-/children-friendliness” and “climber of the season”. Find out more about the winners of the winter 2011/12!

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