Tested for you: Skis 2014/15

A good ski makes the difference on the slope as well as in off-piste skiing. The choice of the ideal ski is based on various factors, such as skiing skills, application area or even aesthetic preferences.

In collaboration with worldskitest.com we tried for you the new ski models of the leading ski producers for the season 2014/15. Just click on the single categories and discover the test results!

Results - categories:                  

Every year another skiing area is the scene for this important ski test that presents and checks the skis of the next winter season. This year it was the turn of the skiing area Silvretta-Montafon in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Youth Twin Tip

The Youth Ski test takes place at the end of the WorldSkitests and is always a highlight. This year the students of the Ski school Schruns had the honor and tested in one morning the skis of the categories GS and Twin Tip.

The Youth Ski test takes place at the end of the WorldSkitests and is always a highlight. This year the students of the Ski school Schruns had the honor and tested in one morning the skis of the categories GS and Twin Tip.

Open Space

The top priority in this category is especially the skiing fun and the unadulterated joy of winter sports! The main roles in the Open Space category are perfect skiing experience, individuality and exclusivity, as well as design. Everything that does not fit into the classical test categories is presented in the Open Space. Innovations, exceptional and exclusive skis and new brands are tested and the testers verify the information of the manufacturers. Since the individual models are much too different to compare them, we abstain in this category from neutralization and rating of the skis. The skis were tested meticulously on the slopes in Silvretta-Montafon in its original state. As we have seen, the ladies and gentlemen had lots of fun testing new products and special features - skis and brands - that are not available in all stores.

All Mountain

You are not a racer? You want to conquer the whole mountain? Then the All Mountain models - the all-rounder on the market – are just right. With these models one can ski sporty and precise on soft and hard slopes - also on artificial snow. In addition, they also offer all benefits that an off-slope-ski must have off the slopes and in deep powder snow. The slushy and soft spring snow is also not a very big obstacle for the All-Mountain-ski. The perfect partner for a long and varied day of skiing on the slopes and in the off terrain. As usual men and women tested the All-Mountain category and the variety of models has thrilled all our testers.

The High Performance models guarantee athletic carving and skiing pleasure. The advantage to the pure racing-oriented slalom and giant slalom racing models is, that they are more variable and power efficient to ski and also are forgiving minor errors. The skis in this category are primarily for savvy, athletic and highly athletic skiers who are pulling down the slopes with skill and dynamism. This year our testers were very impressed with the quality and performance of the test models and awarded three times "excellent". In addition to all the technical refinements and the low weight, the optics are playing an important role for the ladies, therefore concerning style, the ski industry is coming up every year with something new.

Power-efficient skiing, easy handling and comfort are at the forefront with the ladies all-round models. The weight plays a key part in the women's skis, therefore the ski manufacturers are trying to avoid any unnecessary grams. Due to the reduced weight the skis are more comfortable and effortless to ski. The ideal choice for leisure and hobby skiers, for beginners and advanced skiers who prefer to ski comfy, at medium speed and don’t want to have tired legs after a long day of skiing. The sometimes very elaborate and beautifully designed models were tested by our ladies – first neutralized black on the slopes and then they were admired and evaluated in its full glory at Snow Style.

After the successful premiere of last year besides the slalom skis, the giant slalom models were also tested through their paces again this year. These skis are the fastest and sportiest skis that are available on the market. Ideal for sporty skiers and racers who love it to thunder down the slopes in top speed and long turns. The skier ideally needs to bring some conditions to maneuver the ski accident-free - skiing skills, fitness and a large portion of power. Our testers met these criteria and had lots of fun on the closed test slopes to test the models at it’s latest. The result is very pleasing for the entire ski industry, although this year there was not even one "excellent" rating.

The kings of the slopes are the Slalom Carvers and they promise cool experiences preferably on well-prepared and hard slopes. The ideal choice for experienced, highly athletic and sporty skiers who love to pull lots of quick turn swings at full speed at the edge in the snow. But be aware - these models need a certain amount of athletic skills, ability, as well as strength and endurance, only then the ski is great fun! Our testers found in Silvretta-Montafon the perfect test conditions to test and evaluate the latest Slalom models. Our variegated testers were thrilled by the performance of the ski-models and awarded the highest scores. Although they were more frugal with the ratings than in the previous year, still two models were rated this year with „excellent“.

Men Allround

The all-round models are the middle class at the ski market with the best value for money relation and an enormous range in terms of application areas. The ski industry is committed to combine in the all-round class top drivability with easy handling. The particular advantages of the all-rounder are the low effort, the high degree of running smoothness and easy turning ability on the slopes. It is the right choice for skiers who are not active in the high region of sports and favor pleasure before performance. The recreational skiers among our testers were impressed by the provided models and awarded in addition to many "very good" also one "excellent".

Apart from the well-known companies and brands again and again also other ski producers call attention to their selves due to innovative skis, unique designs and special ideas for the ski runs.

Völkl Ski

The Völkl family comes from the city of Straubing in Bavaria and in 1923 they sold their first skis, at that time under the name “Vöstra”. After the famous zebra ski, many world-cup-tested skis, carving skis, snowboards, new bindings and more high-tech and high-quality still come first.

Salomon Ski

Whether you need race skis, free skis or all mountain skis, Salomon has professional, technical and quality solutions for all demands. In addition, the company offers also other equipment for a pleasant day in the snow.

Rossignol Ski

Skis, ski boots and winter sports clothing by Rossingol are a good choice in every respect. The single ski models were continually improved and adapted to the needs of different skier types. The range of appropriate accessories is expanded, too.

Nordica Ski

The company Nordica with head office in Treviso (I) was founded in 1939 by the Vaccari brothers and initially it was specialized in the production of free time and winter shoes. Today Nordica is represented in all winter sport resorts around the world and offers not only quality ski boots, but also various types of skis.

Fischer Ski

Since its inception in 1924, the Austrian company Fischer is known for its innovative character and to be always in search of the latest technologies. Fischer is a leading provider of equipment for alpine skiing and Nordic skiing in the world.

K2 Ski

As for skis with appealing design, modern production and innovative materials, the American sports equipment producer K2 is always first in line. The product range includes all-round, race, freeride skis and more, as well as other winter sports equipment.

Elan Ski

Elan has been present for over 60 years as a producer and supplier of sports equipment. Innovation, technological advancement and unique design are the real strengths of this brand, as demonstrated by the magnificent ski and snowboard products from this house.

Dynastar Ski

The brand Dynastar, born in 1963 at the foot of Mont Blanc, manufactures technical products dedicated to skiing, ski mountaineering and freeride. The Dynastar brand is also popular in the all-mountain ski world for the female customers.

Atomic Ski

Since 1955 passion, performance and innovation have push Atomic to propose ever more technical and specific equipment for those who love snow and skiing in all its forms. Here are the results of the tests of this year!

Blizzard Ski

The Austrian company headquartered in Mittersill in Salzburg was founded in 1945. In the seventies Blizzard made a name for itself with the development of the thermo-ski. Today, the brand stands for technical quality skis, which fulfill nearly every demand.

Twin Tip

Attractive look and design for the fans of Twin Tip are as important as their technical features! The tests in this class have evaluated both factors! Here are the results for you!

Head Ski

HEAD is a leading global provider of high quality sports equipment. In its winter sports section, HEAD is among the most trusted brands for several years. Top athletes worldwide love HEAD for its quality and cutting-edge technology.

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