Piste rules & more

Sledge runs aren’t always that funny, they can be very dangerous too. That shows the statistics, in which you find toboggan accidents on third position, right after ski and snowboard accidents. Read here the most important rules for an amusing and safe day on the sledge slope.

You’ve surely already gone through a situation like that: You are skiing on the slope, don’t fret about those few clouds or the little wafts of mist crawling up the mountain and before you could say Jack Robinson the visibility ends at the point of your skis and you don’t anymore, where you are…

Skiing on well-groomed ski runs, dangling by cable car towards the peak, going on tour through snow-covered forests or skiing down on untouched slopes… Winter sport means pleasure, relaxation and fun. But today such a lot of people revel in skiing, snowshoe hiking etc. that every ski area, every ski tour and every new lift means also a sever intervention in the nature.

FIS Rules

Especially in high season the slopes are very crowded, it is precisely in these moments that one needs to respect some simple rules of good conduct that will avoid unpleasant incidents and mishaps during your holiday:

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