Imagine a gorgeous, sunny winter day in the beautiful mountains of Tyrol – white landscapes as far as you can see and the snow conditions couldn’t be better. That’s pure luxury for every ski enthusiasm. In Hochzillertal, however, they have another definition of a luxurious ski day!

There you’ll find the world's first and only VIP-cable-car. The modern outside of the cable-car is also a quaint but it gives any idea of what awaits you inside. The interior isn’t worth than in any first class limousine - after all, it was designed by BMW.

Before you can start with the exclusive ascent, you’ll be received at the base station with a glass of champagne. Of course, you won’t have to wait in a queue of dozens of skiers, but on a stylish white leather couch. Then finally the VIP-cable-car arrives.

It has capacity for two people and offers all modern comforts, which makes it difficult to stand up again at 2,500 meters. The heated leather seats are equipped with massage functionality and the multimedia system spoils ears as well as eyes.

Such an extravagant way to climb the mountain, of course, requires a reservation. A parking lot at the base station and a ski transport service are included. Just as the unique experience, which is offered only in the ski resort Hochzillertal.

More information about the ski resort Zillertal Arena in Tyrol, Austria.