In the ski resort Ramsau in Styria it’s party time and not just once, but several times in the season. "Kalis Winter World" organizes a feast, where any child can participate – the only thing you need is a pair of skis, than the party can begin.

Whether through the green summer landscape or the snow-covered mountain world, a journey with the Glacier Express – the probably most famous train of the world – is always an experience. The day’s journey from Zermatt at the foot of the mountain Matterhorn to Davos or St. Moritz leads through impressive heights and depths, through countless tunnels and over hundreds of bridges.

1.800 m long, up to 50% ascent, maximum 8 m off the ground and up to 40 km/h fast…these are the impressive facts about the longest and most exciting alpine roller-coaster of Italy, located in Klausberg in valley Ahrntal in South Tyrol.


The skiing area Hochstein in Osttirol provides a funny toboggan run on rails, which you can enjoy all year round. The name of the alpine coaster is “Osttirodler”, it is 2,7 km long, between 1 and 6 meters high and offers an amazing view over Bruck Castel and the city Lienz.

Fairy week

The Stubai Glacier is well known for skiing during winter, but also during summer it is an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. This year once again, it offers the site for the week of fairy-tales. At the end of July and the beginning of August you might meet some of those magical characters on the heights of Stubai Glacier.

In the most pleasant time of year the weather invites you to go outside with the whole family. Especially if one is offered as much as at the Woody Walk in Brixen. There can be hiked, played and discovered in the midst of a beautiful mountain setting.

All tobogganing friends can’t miss this occasion: On February 22nd, the ski resort Reinswald in Sarntal invites you to a very special event. In the night between Friday and Saturday they organize moon light tobogganing rides, so from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm the ski lift is open.

The family skiing area Stubaier Gletscher invites all families on 12th February 2013 to a very special day.

In particular if children should participate in a hike the family excursion often results in nagging and long faces. However, it is possible to counteract this by combining sporting activity in the open air with a little bit of technology, riddles and a surprise. This is the idea of the “Mobile phone Safari” that has enlarged the summer offer in Switzerland already for several years.

In winter snow fans of all age groups dash over the wonderful ski runs – under the summer sun, however, there are romping small and older natural scientists, adventurers and water rats. From July 2012 the skiing area Reinswald in Sarntal offers a special attraction for families: the nature experience path “Urleisteig” with several exciting stages.

New skis, a fast toboggan, a trendy ski jacket, moonboots for the kids… If you go on winter holiday with the family, now and then you have to dig deep into your pocket. However, if you decide to lend a part of the equipment instead of buying it, if you compare offers and look for alternatives, you can save plenty of money.

If you go skiing in a well-attended ski area, if you perhaps aren’t an expert skier yet, if you have beginners with yourself or if you see, who ruthless and dangerous some people tear up the ski runs, the idea of a skier’s license isn’t far-fetched.

The firmament is full of shining stars, the full moon lights up the landscape, here and there a shadow slips by and sometimes you can hear a rustling and crackling between the trees. At night the winter forest is a very special experience – especially, if you dash through the darkness on a sledge.

Path on trees

About 1 kilometer route along a wooden structure up to 30 meters in height, along comfortable and durable larch stairs, towers and viewing platforms, where to stay and admire the incredible scenery in every season.

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