The perfect gloves


The primary function of gloves is the protection of the hands. During winter they should offer protection from cold weather and be water-resistant. Equally important is the protection during a fall on the slopes. They can’t prevent fractures, but they can resist snow and ice abrasion and friction burns.

There are many producers of winter gloves offering a lot of models made of different materials. So it can be difficult to find the right pair of gloves for yourself. In principle a good glove should allow for every sportsman’s individual needs and activities.

High quality fleece gloves are particularly light and warm. In damp conditions they have an amazing insulating function and due to their lightness and small volume, you can store them in your pockets, if you don’t need them. The breathing material is perfect for sweating exercise.

The right choice for outdoors during very cold temperatures, are gloves made of modern high quality material resisting extreme conditions.

For easily cold hands, mittens from knitted material are the best match. They look attractive and are pretty warm. Some models enable full freedom with a convertible top.