How to treat your skis!


The ski season is in full swing in the Alps and the most avid skiers have already traveled a few miles down the slopes! In order to ensure the pleasure of skiing, do not forget to take care of your skis.

As a basic rule, you should arrange to ski one time a year, two if you're lucky and you ski for many hours, many days per season.

The ski rentals and many specialty stores offer the waxing service at affordable rates. Pass under ski equipment in a few minutes they are practically new! The cost ranges from 15 to 30 euros, depending on the work that needs to be done.


That of waxing is a real art, the most passionate skiers, often to do it by yourself. The wax is a waxy substance consisting of resins and hydrocarbons, which is applied at the bottom of the skis to improve their performance on the snow.