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The primary function of gloves is the protection of the hands. During winter they should offer protection from cold weather and be water-resistant. Equally important is the protection during a fall on the slopes. They can’t prevent fractures, but they can resist snow and ice abrasion and friction burns.

After the last slope we would like to put skis and ski boots in the cellar, take out climbing boots and the backpack and don’t think about skiing until we see the first snowflakes again. But if you would like to use your skis also in the next winter, you should prepare them well for the summer break.

The sky is bright blue, the temperatures are pleasantly warm and the snow withdraws in the height. Some people still like skiing on firn, while others clear away skis and snowshoes, because they cannot wait to go hiking in the mountains purportedly free of snow. But be careful, the appearances can be deceptive.

It is August and those of you, who are still in summer feeling, will ask: "Why should I already start to practice for the ski season?" But others can’t wait for the winter anyway and the experts recommend skiers to prepare as soon as possible.

Do you like more high-tech than heatable ski boots, progressive protectors and helmets, very light ski sticks and contactless ski passes? No problem. After all more and more winter sportsmen possess a modern mobile phone and for them there are available a lot of mini programs, which may be useful even on the ski runs.

You roam through the idyllic winter world and sometimes you are the first to enter landscapes covered by a blanket of fresh snow. All around you have just nature, complete hush and bright sunshine or light fall of snow. Snowshoe hiking is a special experience. Here we present you some tips how to experience nature and mountains and how to enjoy this sport to the full.

Fun and safety on the ski run go hand in hand. For instance you have to be on the slope with individually adjusted skis and you shouldn’t overestimate yourself as regards the choice of the pistes. Moreover you should protect also your head – just as many other skiers do.

Care of skis

The ski season is in full swing in the Alps and the most avid skiers have already traveled a few miles down the slopes! In order to ensure the pleasure of skiing, do not forget to take care of your skis.

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