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Every year another skiing area is the scene for this important ski test that presents and checks the skis of the next winter season. This year it was the turn of the skiing area Silvretta-Montafon in Vorarlberg, Austria.

After the last slope we would like to put skis and ski boots in the cellar, take out climbing boots and the backpack and don’t think about skiing until we see the first snowflakes again. But if you would like to use your skis also in the next winter, you should prepare them well for the summer break.

World Snow Day

Explore, enjoy, experience! Discover something new, have fun and spend an unforgettable day, this the center of attention of the World Snow Day dedicated to: snow, kids and a lot of pleasure. The the international day of action is scheduled for the 20th January 2013 and it will be the biggest event on snow all year – with countless small and large specials all around the world.

Traveling in a quick, comfortable and stress-free way into the skiing holiday – even during the peak travel period? Trains make it possible and moreover they reduce the travelling expenses, which may be quite high including petrol, tolls and new winter tires.

You’ve surely already gone through a situation like that: You are skiing on the slope, don’t fret about those few clouds or the little wafts of mist crawling up the mountain and before you could say Jack Robinson the visibility ends at the point of your skis and you don’t anymore, where you are…

New skis, a fast toboggan, a trendy ski jacket, moonboots for the kids… If you go on winter holiday with the family, now and then you have to dig deep into your pocket. However, if you decide to lend a part of the equipment instead of buying it, if you compare offers and look for alternatives, you can save plenty of money.

Do you like more high-tech than heatable ski boots, progressive protectors and helmets, very light ski sticks and contactless ski passes? No problem. After all more and more winter sportsmen possess a modern mobile phone and for them there are available a lot of mini programs, which may be useful even on the ski runs.

The winter season is in full flood, you’re probably used to your new skis and maybe you’ve improved your skiing technique during a ski course. As regards practice, fitness and power, at the moment many passionate skiers are in high spirits. So why don’t you venture to tackle a very difficult slope, where usually Lindsey Vonn, Ivica Kostelic & Co. strive for new speed records?

Skiing on well-groomed ski runs, dangling by cable car towards the peak, going on tour through snow-covered forests or skiing down on untouched slopes… Winter sport means pleasure, relaxation and fun. But today such a lot of people revel in skiing, snowshoe hiking etc. that every ski area, every ski tour and every new lift means also a sever intervention in the nature.

You roam through the idyllic winter world and sometimes you are the first to enter landscapes covered by a blanket of fresh snow. All around you have just nature, complete hush and bright sunshine or light fall of snow. Snowshoe hiking is a special experience. Here we present you some tips how to experience nature and mountains and how to enjoy this sport to the full.

The new winter season brings many innovations in the skiarea Skicivetta in Veneto.

If you won’t limit your skiing holiday to only one skiing area, but enjoy unlimited skiing fun with one and the same ski pass, the huge ski carousels and ski pass alliances of the Alps will be the right place for you.

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