Garmisch Partenkirchen was already once a venue for the Olympic Winter Games. The area offers international flair and various ski resorts at the feet of the Wetterstein Mountains.

The main attraction is the Mount Zugspitze. With 2962 m Mount Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany . The ski resort there is called Zugspitzplatt.

The first cable car from the German side to Mount Zugspitze was built in 1930. But only in 1949 the ski activity began on Germany’s highest mountain. The ski resort Zugspitzplatt used to be a really fine and exquisite address in former times. Now, similar to the other resorts in Garmisch Partenkirchen, it still profits from its past greatness and fame. Already in 1936 Garmisch Partenkirchen held the Winter Olympic Games and in 1978 the Alpine Ski World Championships. Still today, the world cup circus makes a yearly stop on the famous Kandahar Slope.

The connected ski resorts Osterfelderkopf, Kreuzeck and Hausberg offer everything ski and snowboard fans long for. But the Classic Area has the biggest choice of ski runs and it is exactly there where the legendary Kandahar Slope is. The Kandahar Slope is 3,700 m long, the difference in altitude is about 940 m. Even the great Hermann Maier pays respect to this ski run: "This is one of the few ski runs in the Ski World Cup where you really have to force yourself in order to just do it."

The Olympic Ski Run, the Standard-Tonihuetten Slope, the Kochelberg Ski Run and Horn Slope promise pure pleasure. The ski resort of Kreuzwankel offers only blue ski runs and short practice slopes; in the area of Osterfelder-Kopf area, however, there are some challenging ski runs.

Ski lifts
Ski tow: 10
Chairlifts: 4
Cable-cars: 2
Cable cars: 2
Cable railways: 0
Magic carpets: 1
In total: 19 Ski lifts
Ski runs
12 km
18 km
10 km
0 km
Open ski runs: 0 km
Open lifts: 0
Lit up ski runs: 0 km
Sea level
708 - 2050m
Skiing season
Start of the season
End of the season
10 Ski lodges and restaurants
0 Après-ski bars
Number of chilren's parks: 0
Ski rental
Descent and closure of the lifts
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
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