Lenggries is situated just in front of the gateway to Munich and it is the local mountains of the German ski stars Martina Ertl and Hilde Gerg.

The advantage of Lenggries is its closeness to Munich. For city people, who spontaneously want to go for a trip in the mountains, Lenggries is the ideal destination. The ski area also scores with a big number of huts and refuges for a cozy stop over.

The most spectacular ski run in the Lenggries area is the World-Cup ski run. But also the “Große Garland” slopes is not bad: the ski run is precipitous and bumpy, and as a consequence appropriate for skilled skiers. But don’t worry: most of the other ski runs are much more family-friendly.

Other slopes and lifts can be found on Mount Wegscheid and Mount Latschenhang. The latter distinguishes itself because of its perfect carving area.

On Mount Wegscheid, however, there is a model children ski school area: a conveyor belt takes the kids uphill ; downhill colored figures help the kids to find their way.

Ski lifts
Ski tow: 11
Chairlifts: 4
Cable-cars: 1
Cable cars: 0
Cable railways: 0
Magic carpets: 0
In total: 16 Ski lifts
Ski runs
8 km
22 km
4 km
0 km
Open ski runs: 0 km
Open lifts: 0
Lit up ski runs: 0 km
Sea level
700 - 1700m
Skiing season
Start of the season
End of the season
16 Ski lodges and restaurants
0 Après-ski bars
Number of chilren's parks: 3
Ski rental
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Blanket rate