Skiing in Upper Austria - Skiing areas in Upper Austria

As regards skiing areas Upper Austria is a little bit in the shadow of the neighboring regions Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Nevertheless it is considered to be a worth visiting place for a skiing holiday in Austria.

If you are searching for reasonable prices, real coziness and especially friendly people you will surely like Upper Austria. Whether you are a skier, snowboarder or cross-country skier: in the skiing areas of Upper Austria you will always get your money’s worth.

The largest range of ski runs is offered by the region Salzkammergut, which extends to Salzburg and includes several ski areas such as Kasberg Grünau or Dachstein West. The skiing area Pyrhn-Priel or rather Hinterstoder is located farther east. The latter is probably the most considerable one, having a big offer for alpine and cross-country skiers alike.

So skiing holidays in Upper Austria are a quite interesting alternative instead of vacations in the classical, large ski resorts.