Even the most ingenious stage designer could not create a more gorgeous scenery: ridges and mountain tops of 13 4,000-metre peaks in front of a mostly deep blue sky; hereunder, extensive snow-white hillsides with detached green or yellow copses; finally in the Saastal Valley the old Welsh houses with weather-beaten and dark wooden fronts.

Like any modern stage also the winter sports regions at the end of the Saastal Valley can’t do without technology. In the car-free health resort Saas-Fee electric taxis cruise around, above the ski runs hover cableways and lifts. However, much is hidden from the viewers, as the Metro Alpin, an underground cable railway that goes from the Felskinn to the 3,500-metres-high Mount Mittelallalin.

There, skiers can lunch in a revolving restaurant and enjoy at the same time the panoramic picture of the Welsh Alps; or visit the 5,000-cubic-metres-large ice grotto and experience very closely the fascination of the glaciers.

But this is not all: As the slopes cover large areas of the glacier, skiing fun isn’t limited to the cold season. Several ski runs and ski lifts are in operation also in the summer. 

Saas-Fee and the low-lying Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell and Saas-Balen are visibly drawn by the rapid rise to a famous ski resort with an international public, but they have largely kept their original charm.

Ski lifts
Ski tow: 22
Chairlifts: 4
Cable-cars: 5
Cable cars: 4
Cable railways: 1
Magic carpets: 1
In total: 37 Ski lifts
Ski runs
25 km
50 km
25 km
0 km
Open ski runs: 25 km
Open lifts: 8
Lit up ski runs: 0 km
Sea level
1483 - 3600m
Skiing season
Start of the season
End of the season
2 Fun park
-0 Halfpipe
-0 Jumps
-0 Boxes
-0 Rails
15 Ski lodges and restaurants
6 Après-ski bars
Number of chilren's parks: 2
Ski rental
Descent and closure of the lifts
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Day ticket: n.A.
5 days: n.A.
Blanket rate