World Skitest 2014/15


Every year another skiing area is the scene for this important ski test that presents and checks the skis of the next winter season. This year it was the turn of the skiing area Silvretta-Montafon in Vorarlberg, Austria.

In detail this ski test is a “blind test” of 10 pairs of ski, which are covered with a black film, so that nobody can see the brand, the design etc. On a test slope all skis have to undergo the test – to wit in the categories Ladies Allround, Ladies High Performance, AllMountain, Men Race Slalom, Open Space, Jouth TwinTip, Jouth Race Slalom, Men Race Giant Slalom and Men Allround.

Afterwards every tester fills in a questionnaire and judging the following points on a scale between 1 and 10: long swing turn, short swing turn, edge grip, smooth running and general effort.

Already at 7 am the first tester group is ready at the valley station, at 10 am it’s the second group’s turn. Active and former ski world cup athletes – for instance Mario Matt, Andrea Fischbacher, Andreas and Wolfgang Linger, Jure Kosir and Ingrid Salvenmoser – as well as trained hobby skiers examine the new skis with a fine-tooth comb. At the end all reports will be evaluated, so that the end-user can use the results in order to form an opinion.

As soon as the new ski test reports are ready, we’ll present them here on 

More information about the ski resort Silvretta Nova in Vorarlberg, Austria.