Safe tobogganing


Sledge runs aren’t always that funny, they can be very dangerous too. That shows the statistics, in which you find toboggan accidents on third position, right after ski and snowboard accidents. Read here the most important rules for an amusing and safe day on the sledge slope.

First of all you have to act responsibly and with respect for other tobogganists. During the descent, you should adapt the speed to your experience and to the actual weather conditions. And don’t forget to leave always enough space between you and any other tobogganer on the slope.

It’s allowed to stop or to overtake someone only on parts of the slope with clear view, never on crossings etc. In addition to that, you should always pay attention to all the warning and information signs. If you have an accident you have to get you and your sledge off the track as fast as possible.

Using and wearing appropriate equipment is as logical as essential. Water and snow resistant boots with good soles are the basic prerequisite for a safe descent. Sledge runs by night are feasible only with a strong headlamp and moderate speed.

Kids until 14 years are obligated to wear a helmet but we consider tobogganists at any age to wear one, because it saves life. If you remind on this few important rules, nothing stands in the way of your exciting and safe experience on the sledge!